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Waiting the Coming Day

Posted by on April 8, 2012

Today is less about the reading from John – tomorrow’s post actually spans the last 6 chapters of the book. Today is more about, well, today. Saturday.

The day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Black Saturday. Holy Saturday. To me, it seems it should be called Waiting Saturday. Surely all of creation, after its thunderous reaction to His death, stood in silence, in anticipation, waiting…his disciples, mourning, confused, waiting…the leaders of the day, who had seen enough to have some sense that somehow, this wasn’t finished, waiting…the angel whose job it would be to roll back the stone and, once again, bear glad tidings of great joy about Jesus to those in flesh, waiting…

…and with that, I too wait, unspeakably grateful for the knowledge that our position in time affords us – we know what happens in the morning.

Joy cometh in the morning. Bright and shining like the sun. Radiant, overflowing joy. I can hardly wait to say the words tomorrow morning, to hear them said to me…He is risen! He is risen indeed!

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