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Simple Gifts

Posted by on December 7, 2012

It’s Friday and I can’t stop thinking about His favor. Time for a simple list of just a few of this week’s gifts.

– 4 years with my agency, and all the crazy huge blessings that have come with it
– Godly people who are there to speak truth and wisdom when I need more of both
– Lovely ladies who email grace, grace and more grace
– Big hugs from Livi and the reminder of how important she is to me, that no matter how many places I’m trying to be a blessing, I have to be building her up first…
– Fresh mistletoe cut from a tree at the office and not giving a rip that it will go unused at my house this year (unless you count Livi kisses)
– Finding joy in sacrifice
– A little girl who always wants to put money in the red bucket outside the store
– Glowy lights behind reds, greens, golds and glitter
– Comfy pajamas, comfy couch, comfy blanket
– Being made new…knowing that He is bringing me closer to being the woman I’ve always wanted to be…

And so, with that, I say good night. Happy weekend to all!

One Response to Simple Gifts

  1. Vicki Lawrence

    Love it Andrea. Thank you!

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