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The Tune Without the Words

Those brave and broken hearts? He binds them up. But he does not fool with the stone hearts, other than to pull them from our chests and put something new in their place. Continue reading »

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If You’re Going to San Francisco

It all started with my refusal to cooperate. I could have insisted. I had every right. Normally, I do assert this right. But there’s this journey I’ve been on lately, and it calls for a new way that looks a lot like surrender and peace. So when I was checking in for a flight last … Continue reading »

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Welling Up

When I was in my twenties, God the Father went from being a two-dimensional character on wispy thin pages to a fully alive, very real and amazingly involved and loving Father. I experienced Him in deeply personal ways, and I learned at least the beginnings of what it means to rest in being His child. … Continue reading »

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Since We Have Such a Hope

Several years ago, I stood at a crossroads. To the right was a safe path of dutiful obedience where I could believe that God was good but mostly life just really hurt and I could learn to be okay with that. To the left was a daring path where I would have to believe the … Continue reading »

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Point Me Home

All this brick and concrete  building towers over building city lights glare and my soul says Point me home. To that big, wide porch warm lights in sleepy little cypress wood house at the end of the lane To my daughter’s smile,  her big blue eyes and bedtime snuggles in our space, on our time … Continue reading »

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Out on the Bounding Main

I don’t know when I stopped being grateful. I don’t know when I stopped counting gifts and numbering graces. But I did and I am soul-sick for the lack of contentment in my heart.  I walk to the edge of the parking lot and stare out into the woods, watching a small stream trickle down … Continue reading »

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The Arrow That Flies By Day

Sometimes I feel like my life is this endless string of events that if they were compiled and made into a movie, it would require such a gross suspension of disbelief that no one in their right mind would be willing to watch it.  At the end of last year, I began to pray and … Continue reading »

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For Auld Lang Syne, My Dear

   It’s been a good year. God has been more than faithful, He has been extravagant in His grace and mercy and favor and beauty. I’m looking forward to 2016, but first I want to remember 2015 well. 

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December 29, 2006

The story of how I knew she was on her way is a hard and tender one that I don’t tell freely. And that’s odd for me because I love to tell stories – from how I switched the wires when I was installing a new circuit board on my oven two weeks ago to … Continue reading »

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My Name is Bess

My sisters, it’s time to come clean about this terrible thing I’ve been doing to so many of you for years now. It’s not just a terrible thing, it’s a dangerous thing. In fact, it is perhaps the single most dangerous thing I can do to you in our friendship because when I do it, … Continue reading »

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